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L’Anthologie de Mahmoud Darwich (Poésie/Gallimard) : un itinéraire poétique et personnel

Nous avons voulu proposer et éprouver l’hypothèse selon laquelle la poésie de Mahmoud Darwich, composée pour une grande part en exil, relève moins d’une défense et célébration de la terre natale qu’elle ne crée littéralement, par effet poétique, une Palestine nouvelle. We tried to give a comprehensive outlook of the Arab Palestinian poet’s life and poetical achievement, through a brief analysis of the French-language Anthology, published in 2000. We assume that his verse originates in (some kind of polemical) prose. This verse, notwithstanding, is characterized by its liberation of classical rules and the traditional vision of the poet’s role in the city. We conclude by a reflection on the relationship linking Darwich’s poetry and the Palestinian issue, with a hint: could be this overarching and inescapable issue more an effect (of poetical language itself) than a cause (of the whole literary work)?

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