Annalisa Caloffi

Department of Economics and Business, University of Padua, Italy:

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ERIEP | Number 5 | Cluster policy for innovation and competitiveness

System-based policies in Italy: From industrial districts to technological clusters

Despite the presence of some antecedents, system-based policies enter very slowly the framework of Italian industrial policies. However, they spread rapidly under the impulse coming from the EU as enterprise and innovation policies. The article briefly reviews this diffusion process, illustrating that the latter generates policies having different labels and goals. Their future depends on many factors, including the beliefs and confidence in these instruments by policy makers and policy analysts. Before developing new policies in this field or adapting existing ones, effective tools are needed, which allow for a proper evaluation of past experiences.

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“The European 2020 Strategy has put innovation at the heart of European efforts to strengthen the competitiveness of the European economy. For this purpose, the creation and support of clusters at regional level has been stressed as one of the key actions to be implemented. As shown by the initiatives of the European Commission including the creation of a European Cluster Observatory, clusters are a key concern at European level. However, clusters have been an essential focus of national and region policies too. In 2008 the European Commission published a Communication on an innovation strategy for the Union based on the development of world-class clusters, a “policy framework for bett...”

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