Helen Paterson

Helen Paterson est professeur certifié en anglais. Son mémoire de Maîtrise de linguistique anglaise (2005, Paris X-Nanterre, sous la direction d’Anne Trévise) portait sur une exploration des expressions figées composées d’adverbes spatio-temporels, dont les doublons now and then/here and there, now and then/every now and then et there and then/then and there. Elle poursuit actuellement en Master 2 ce travail sur le le chevauchement entre les représentations d’espace et de temps (notamment now and then/here and there).

Articles de l'auteur

Cycnos | Volume 23 n°1

Now and then et every now and then : périodicité et pondérations quantitatives et qualitatives

The article examines three common coordinated expressions which express periodicity in English : now and then, every now and then, et here and there. An analysis of usage, based on BNC data, shows that now and then appears in neutral descriptions, revealing a quantitative approach to periodicity. The addition of every, producing every now and then, diminishes the notion of frequency and introduces qualitative considerations. The expressions occur in argumentational contexts in which the utterer hedges or excuses a deviation from the norm or makes reference to sporadic, sometimes rare, events. Here and there serves similar purposes when applied to a temporal framework, also providing a qualitative bias. Based on these observations, several hypotheses are ventured as to the functioning of such a system within the English language.

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