Gerry Hassan

Gerry Hassan is a writer, commentator and policy analyst. He is author or editor of fourteen books, including Radical Scotland: Arguments for Self-Determination, The Modern SNP: From Protest to Power and After Blair: Politics after the New Labour Decade. Gerry is a Demos Asssociate and was Head of the Scotland 2020 and Glasgow 2020 futures projects which produced Scotland 2020: Hopeful Stories for a Northern Nation and The Dreaming City: Glasgow 2020 and the Power of Mass Imagination. He is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of the West of Scotland, where he is researching his Ph D on political communications. Gerry’s writing and research can be found at: He also runs a very popular blog:

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Cycnos | Volume 28 n° Spécial

The Last Utopia: the Demise of Social Democratic Britain (since 1979)

“ “The question that hovers above the Iraq inquiry is – since the evidence on Saddam Hussein’s weaponry was so flaky and the post-war planning so atrocious – why on earth Tony Blair did it. One theory, albeit not the one likely to be offered by Mr Blair himself, is that his militarism and messianism, the mix of responsibility and entitlement that he evinced, are part of the inheritance of all post-imperial British leaders …. If Empire is the backdrop of Britain’s foreign entanglements, it is also implicated in the ...”

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