Peter Greenaway

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Cycnos | Volume 26 n°1

A double lecture

“ Friday, February 13, 2009 We started late, look, it's already 10 past 8, I have a sort of programme where I always anticipate to talk for about two hours, so you're going to be here until at least 10 o'clock, is that alright with you? All of those who object ought to say so now. Alright, as well as obviously being, I suspect, polemical, and I hope also to be able to irritate you, and I certainly want to provoke you, but what I also need very much to do is also to entertain you. So what I'm going to do tonight as you could see from the title on the screen is to offer you I suppose indeed new possibilities, not so much I suppose under the aegis of t...”

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“Short features: 1962 : Death of Sentiment 1966 : Tree            Train 1967 : Revolution 1969 : Intervals 1971 : Erosion 1973 : H is for House 1975 : Water Wrackets    Water    ...”

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