Martin Johnes

Martin Johnes is Lecturer in History at Swansea University (History Department, Swansea University, Swansea, SA2 8PP, Wales, United Kingdom / Email: He has published widely on sport and national identity, including A History of Sport in Wales (University of Wales Press, 2005), and the prize-winning, Soccer & Society: South Wales, 1900-39 (University of Wales Press, 2002).
Swansea University

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Cycnos | Volume 25 n°2 - 2008

We Hate England! We Hate England? National Identity and Anti-Englishness in Welsh Soccer Fan Culture

This paper explores expressions of anti-Englishness in the fan culture of Swansea City Football Club. It argues they are deliberate expressions of a sense of Welshness and difference to England in the face of the wider complexities of Wales’s status as a distinct nation. In line with soccer fan culture, they take a seemingly aggressive but ultimately playful form, but one that is not politicised and does not reflect literally local social relations. Yet such chants are also contested and the debates surrounding them further reveal the complexity of Welsh identity.

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