Anne Debray

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Cycnos | Volume 21 n°2

Le Congrès américain et la guerre, vote et action des femmes élues à la Chambre des Représentants

American women have always been active during the armed conflicts waged by their country. But their role has mostly been related to logistics, medical care or support. Their involvement has rarely questioned behaviorist theories which underline women’s pacifist nature. However, the male reserved territories of the military and politics are slowly letting women in. They are now more and more present in the armed forces and involved in their country’s military policies. The study of their legislative activity in the House of Representatives confirms a marked difference in favor of diplomacy and against armed conflicts.

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Cycnos | SOMMAIRES | Volume 15 n°1

Les femmes politiques américaines et la gestion de l'espace :

Elues à la Chambre des Représentants et écologie, 1990-1995

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