Afro-américains dans Cycnos


Cycnos | Volume 21 n°2

L’intégration des Afro-Américains dans les forces armées des Etats-Unis : l’impact des guerres

African-Americans represent 11% of the total population of the USA. Their history cannot be disassociated from the overall history of the United States, and is inextricably linked with one major institution : the armed services. The relations between African-Americans and the military have been as complex and paradoxical as in the civilian world. This essay studies race relations and discrimination in the armed services and questions the composition of the U.S. armed forces : who fought and who died for the USA in the past, and who does now ? The U.S. armed services are a microcosm of the American puzzle. This paper joins several issues. How did the military deal with African-Americans ? Did the military integrate and did African-Americans suffer in America’s wars ? Then, dealing with the current African-Americans – military relationship, another question is raised: if there was integration, what effect did it have nationally at social and political levels ?

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