film de guerre dans Cycnos


Cycnos | Volume 21 n°2

Les Majors hollywoodiennes et les récentes interventions militaires américaines : y a-t-il une nouvelle façon de filmer la guerre ?

In the 15 years that followed the American defeat in Vietnam, the Hollywood Majors first maintained the war films genre alive by gradually rehabilitating their army on screen, seeming thus to take their cue from the population’s frame of mind. Since American troops once again started getting involved abroad, the Hollywood producers have given the go-ahead to projects dealing with the subject, eventually releasing films which, for commercial reasons, do not show a complete renewal of the filming process of the genre, but which echo its evolution somewhere between pessimism and jingoism.

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The Art of War

Yann Roblou. The Art of War. Based on the analysis of five contemporary Hollywood-made films, this paper tries to underline the current trends of the multi-faceted relationship between the cinema industry, the Pentagon and the White House. The object of the demonstration is to show that there is an adequation between the fictional discourse and the official orientations given to the foreign policy of the United States. The strategies adopted by the entertainment industry in order to produce a discourse readable by as large an audience as possible range from the most traditional rhetorical devices proper to the genre of the war film, to the subtlest ideological manipulations.

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