Toby Silverman Zinman

The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

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Cycnos | Volume 14 n°1

Pinter as Novelist, or, Cobbler, Stick to Thy Last*

“Harold Pinter’s only novel, called The Dwarfs, has had a complicated and peculiar genre history; he wrote it more than thirty-five years ago, “before,” Pinter tells us, “I began writing plays.” He then rewrote the novel as a radio play, also called The Dwarfs, which he then rewrote as a stage play, also called The Dwarfs, which he then revised into still another, altered stage version.1 The novel remained unpublished until 1990, and although Pinter notes that he both cut and reshaped the original manuscript, he tells us it is “fundamentally” the same text as he wrote between 1952...”

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