Anne Fuchs

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Cycnos | Volume 18 n°1

From Lorca to Bollywood: cultural adaptation in the plays of the British Asian Tamasha Theatre Company

Starting with a brief comparison between the Irish and Indian Diasporas, the paper goes on to mention three distinct approaches by British Asians to theatre today. What is meant by “creative dialogue” with reference to the Tamasha Theatre Company? The corpus of their work is mainly concerned with a form of realism and cultural adaptation. There follows a discussion of the different forms this cultural adaptation has taken, whether an adaptation to Western performance modes or an adaptation of subject-matter originating in Asian or Western literature for the purpose of writing or devising an intra-cultural spectacle or “tamasha”.

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Cycnos | SOMMAIRES | Volume 24 n°2

The Aesthetics of Humour in a Theatre of Civil Strife

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