Sandra Maletic

Duke University.
Sandra Maletic a écrit sa maîtrise sur Pierre; or, the Ambiguities d’Herman Melville à l’université de Strasbourg sous la direction d’André Bleikasten. Elle a obtenu un masters de littérature américaine à Boston College, avant d’entreprendre sa thèse de doctorat à Paris VII sur le poème narratif Clarel, A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land, sous la direction de Philippe Jaworski.

Articles de l'auteur

Cycnos | Volume 17 n°2

La trêve, ou le temps du poème dans Battle-Pieces ; and Aspects of the War

Battle-Pieces, and Aspects of the War, published one year after the end of the Civil War, expresses the author’s belief that the conflict, though it allowed for the victory of “Right” over “Wrong”, also debased the democratic dream of the Founders. Battle-Pieces answers the tougher stance taken by the state in the war's aftermath with a moderate and kaleidoscopic comprehension of the war phases, presented through the diverse eyes of its participants. This article analyzes the individual’s quest for identity in the middle of a historical upheaval, one which is compared to a natural catastrophe. The ideals of war glory, the fascination exercised by an enlightening death, the belief in a “continuous” time ruled by necessity are opposed in Battle-Pieces to the construction of identity through face-to-face with the Other. The temporary truce after the battle provides a privileged time-frame for the poem that weaves a “discontinuous” time described as a succession of deaths and resurrections.

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