Joëlle Zask

c.n.r.s., Shadyc, Marseille
Joëlle Zask, agrégée et docteur en philosophie, est actuellement chargée de recherche au C.N.R.S. (Marseille). Elle est l’auteur de L’opinion et son double (L’Harmattan, 1999), ainsi que d’articles et de contributions sur la pensée politique pragmatiste et contemporaine.

Articles de l'auteur

Cycnos | Volume 17 n°1

De quelle sorte d’accords l’union sociale dépend-elle ? Le point de vue pragmatiste

According to the American philosopher, John Dewey, the agreement upon which a social union could be built is an agreement in activities and their consequences, not an agreement on some propositions. The purpose of this article is to explore the way such a view is connected with the operations of the kind of liberal state Dewey had in mind, that is the use of governmental action in taking care of the interest of all those who are affected by activities carried by others.

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