Isabelle Vagnoux

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Cycnos | Volume 16 n°1

Conservatismes et expansion territoriale : les États-Unis et l’Amérique latine au dix-neuvième siècle

Nineteenth century American history was dominated by expansionism, and more particularly by territorial expansion, when the young nation was building itself, gained its present boundaries and claimed it was its “manifest destiny” to push its civilization ever forward. However, even though a compelling and forceful movement, territorial expansion at the expense of Spain or Latin America did not go without heated debate among the policy-makers of the time. After attempting to define what ‘conservatism’ and ‘conservatives’ meant in nineteenth century America, this paper fathoms the positions of those History has labeled ‘Conservatives’ in a selection of expansionist episodes.

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Cycnos | SOMMAIRES | Volume 4

Le rapport Rockefeller

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