Jacques Emprin

Université de Caen
Maître de conférences en Anglais à l’université de Caen, Jacques Emprin a écrit une thèse sur la première trilogie de Joyce Cary et publié plusieurs articles sur cet auteur dans Études Irlandaises. Membre de l’équipe Ango-Irlandaise de l’université de Caen, il a traduit diverses nouvelles irlandaises et participé à la traduction de Uncollected Prose de Yeats. Ses dernières études portent sur The Countrywoman de Paul Smith et sur The Red Men de Patrick McGinley.

Articles de l'auteur

Cycnos | Volume 15 n°2

Mary Lavelle de Kate O’Brien ou l’exil et le désert de l’amour

In the 1920s, Mary Lavelle, a young Irish woman goes to Spain in the Areavaga family to escape from a sense of confinement and explore the world as a freelance. Unlike the other governesses in the town of Altorno who are real exiles, Mary surrenders emotionally to Spain ; she takes in every new experience, whether it be attending corridas, travelling across the country, or falling in love with Juanito, a young married Spaniard. Both have had a Jansenistic education and the love scenes are punctuated with statements on sin though they also have quasi mystic overtones. This is not surprising since Kate O’Brien’s cast of mind had something akin to the land of Saint Teresa whose spirituality underlies the whole novel. Since divorce is possible neither in Spain nor in Ireland, Mary’s only solution is to be an exile in her own country where she will go on with “her errand of keeping alive”.

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