Marek Kedzierski

Ecrivain, Marek Kedzierski est aussi metteur en scène et traducteur de Beckett en polonais

Articles de l'auteur

Cycnos | Volume 12 n°1 | II.

Beckett’s audio-visuals : staging the issueless predicament of existence

“1.“Beckett’s dark plays are plays of light, where the desperate object created is witness to the ferocity of the wish to bear witness to the truth. Beckett does not say ‘no’ with satisfaction ; he forges his merciless ‘no’ out of a longing for ‘yes’ and so his despair is the negative from which the contour of its opposite can be drawn”1 — as Peter Brook characterizes Beckett’s way of speaking about the human condition, in the passage from The Empty Space, where he calls it “perhaps the most intense and personal writing of our time”....”

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