Jack E. Frisch

University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

Articles de l'auteur

Cycnos | Volume 12 n°1 | II.

Text in performance — or not

“A rich and varied history of literature in performance is evidenced by such a work as David W. Thompson’s Performance of Literature in Historical Perspective1, a collection of thirty-three centuries-spanning essays on the subject. I have been involved with an endeavor during the past several years which may provide still another approach to text performance. Without claiming uniqueness, I simply wish to outline my work with performance pieces from Native American materials with a university course. What we accomplished with preparation and performance resembles one or another of the various...”

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Cycnos | Volume 12 n°1 | III.

GAIA / GAEA (Guy-ah / Jee-ah)

“This is a “descriptive playscript” outlining the setting and performance activities for a ceremonial, ritual theatre piece in hopes others will recreate their own performances. The outline is presented in two parts : Part I encompasses the performance context and the physical setting with theatrical suggestions ; Part II is a sequential, descriptive scenario of the piece. The context of GAIA / GAEA was that of a university theatre production during Fall, 1986. Twelve performers (11 undergraduate students and a recent graduate now an ad hoc dance instructor) and myself collectively created a “ritua...”

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