Enoch Brater

University of Michigan

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Cycnos | Volume 12 n°1 | II.

American Clocks : Sam Shepard’s Time Plays1

“Time moves in strange ways on the contemporary American stage. In this prefabricated world the dramatic moment constantly re-sets itself : here a unity of time is more frequently experienced as a tantalizing disunity. The minute destablizes, the hour deconstructs, the beating of a clock takes its own odd-even measure for measure. This is a haunting rhythm, as Sam Shepard describes his adventurous mise-en-scene for A Lie of the Mind, “of infinite space, going off to nowhere” — in particular. At the end of this ambitious three-act play, Meg moves slowly down stage right toward porch, still unaware of two other characters stuck in the same tableau, her maimed daughter Beth and ...”

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