Alain Occelli

Alain Occelli est Professeur agrégé d’anglais au lycée Albert Calmette de Nice. Il a soutenu une thèse de doctorat portant sur “le désir dans l’œuvre de E. M. Forster”.

Articles de l'auteur

Cycnos | Volume 20 n°2

Désir du corps et corps du texte dans The Longest Journey d’E. M. Forster

Beginning by analysing the status of the body and desire in an excerpt from The Longest Journey, the second novel published by E. M. Forster, this article aims at studying how the Forsterian text, metatextual in places, programmes the way it is received by the reader whose active participation is required. Through this interplay of author’s/reader’s desires, the respective figures of the author and the reader emerge, as both subjects are engaged in the literary exchange. In this perspective, we will study the passage in order to examine the representation of the body, but also the complex relations linking subjects and objects of desire, as well as the highly sophisticated strategy implemented by Forster who exposes the very codes of representation in fiction.

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