M.-E. Carrigan

Université de Nice

Articles de l'auteur

Cycnos | Volume 25 n° Spécial - 2006

The Double Divine and the Vampires of E. F. Blieler’s Three Gothic Novels

“A Body And Its Shadow The Double is a singular figure, indivisible entity, unity; whether discursively constructed and dissociated or iconically configured and mirrored, The Double is halved to reveal a dualist’s duality, being cleaved into twin aspects — one material, the other spiritual —, distinct yet congruent, conjointly and interdependently constitutive of identity. Bridging chaos and cosmos, The Double encodes and embodies the essential and overarching paradox of human ego and consciousness, the notion that being is both eternal and of a moment, finite yet infinite. This paradox stems from the pervasive sentiment that the human personality survives the dematerialisat...”

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