Jane Grayson

University of London

Articles de l'auteur

Cycnos | Volume 12 n°2

Nabokov and Perec

“What follows is an edited version of a talk presented at the 1995 Nabokov conference at Nice. It asks to be appreciated in the context for which it was conceived: the medium of verbal discourse; an audience of expert Nabokovians before whom knowledge of Nabokov’s works could be taken for granted; a conference which had as its theme “Nabokov at the Crossroads of Modernism and Postmodernism.” I began my talk with a word of sincere thanks and a word of apology. The word of thanks was to David Bellos, Perec’s translator and biographer, both for encouraging me to read Perec in the first place, and through his biography, Georges Perec: A Life in Words, for giving me the info...”

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