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Cycnos | Volume 20 n°2

Dylan Thomas’s In the Direction of the Beginning : Towards or beyond meaning ?

This article, focussing “In the Direction of the Beginning”, on an early “symbolic” short story by Dylan Thomas, attempts to unveil an underlying mesh of meaning, mostly auto-referential in character, whereby the poem literally becomes the writer’s own world with its spaces, processes, dimensions and dynamics. “Reality” is thus perceived in terms of the creative experience unfolding on and in the page.  Thomas’s writing is shown to be a multi-layered complex featuring various strategies aimed at attracting and retaining the reader’s interest while simultaneously deconstructing the linear meaning in a series of creations and de-creations, which are a mark of Thomas early prose as of much of his poetry. Emerging through this surface level of pseudo-narrative and indecipherable imagery, the auto-reflexive stratum provides less a meaning than a formal structural underpinning and a new symbolic dimension allowing an indefinitely variable and ultimately ungraspable interplay of word and image. The insight provided by this story is perhaps most useful as an approach to the creative process underlying Thomas’s poetry.

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Cycnos | Volume 15 n°2

Interview with Seamus Heaney

“— George Morgan: What does “exile” bring to mind? Seamus Heaney: I think of Joyce. Joyce gives the condition an almost mandatory status for the writer when he talks about “Silence, exile and cunning.” Then, if I go back through my heritage as a man from Northern Ireland, from Derry, I remember Saint Columb who exiled himself from Derry to Iona. He was a scribe and a poet — as well as a saint — and ended his life on Iona because of a self-lacerating vow. So, from the beginning to the end of the Irish tradition, there is this example of exiling yourself from the familiar in order to compose your soul — which is a ...”

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Cycnos | SOMMAIRES | Volume 1

Llareggub : espace utopique ou la représentation de la ville dans Under Milk Wood

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Cycnos | SOMMAIRES | Volume 2 | I.

An American in Paris : strategies of otherness in The Sun Also Rises

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Cycnos | SOMMAIRES | Volume 5 | II.

Dylan Thomas and the Ghost of Shakespeare

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Cycnos | SOMMAIRES | Volume 3 | II.

c. La poésie : Au-delà du seuil noir : une relecture de After the Funeral de Dylan Thomas

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Cycnos | SOMMAIRES | Volume 24 n°2

Sunset (for André)

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