Richard Quaintance

Rutgers University

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Cycnos | Volume 11 n°1

Unnamed Celebrities in Eighteenth-Century Gardens: Jacques Rigaud’s Topographical Prints

“In the first half of the 18th century Jacques Rigaud turned his military-draughtsman’s eye, and his skills with genre scenes, to a lucrative career as leading engraver of the chateaux and gardens of the court of Louis XV. Although Paris bouquinistes beside the Seine still sell reproductions of his teeming, wideangle views of its banks, some of the most interesting traits of Rigaud’s work remain quite unacknowledged. In the past century, the two French studies of the career1 ignore his importance for British topography, and the ways his work in England during 1733-34 altered both his own style and the vistas of British engravers immedia...”

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