Pierre Busuttil

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Cycnos | Volume 16 n°2

Les vertus individualisantes de THE : étude de quelques cas

“I. Rappel de travaux précédentsDans un article qui m'a été inspiré par le texte de la version d'agrégation 1993 1, je m'étais intéressé aux constructions VERBE + SUPERLATIF, avec ou sans THE, du type : [...] She must have known, I think, what happened to her mother, her mother's mother, her grandfather's father and that she herself was the final accident in this long line of what I shall call our soft and well-intentioned bastardy. In the mirror our two heads—the bald one, the little silver one—would make faces together, reflecting for our innocent...”

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Cycnos | Volume 23 n°1

Le génitif et la référence

This article aims at showing that N2’s N1 genitive constructions in English are not simply either specific or generic. There exist a plurality of cases that invite us to consider the structures as part of a continuum along which they can be organized according to the degree of referentiality of N2.Two new forms of genitive are highlighted: absolute comparison and analogy between N2 and N1, which occur in the presence of have. The presence of a determiner in front of N2’s N1 is also studied along the same lines when the question arises.

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