Suzanne Fraysse

University of Aix-en-Provence

Articles de l'auteur

Cycnos | Volume 10 n°1

Look At The Harlequins!

“A passing remark at the end of LATH! 1 seems to reveal the autobiographical nature of the book by suggesting that the name Vadim Vadimych is a colloquial equivalent for Vladimir Vladimirovich (p. 194).2 But the reader who identifies Vadim with Vladimir and cosily ascribes all the biographical data contained in LATH! to Nabokov makes a fool of himself in the eyes of those with even a limited knowledge of Nabokov’s life and works. Some readers have actually been taken in.3 But what I want to insist on is that their mi...”

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Cycnos | Volume 12 n°2

Worlds Under Erasure: Lolita and Postmodernism

“In his two books on postmodernism, McHale provides the anxious and puzzled reader with a luminous definition of postmodernist fiction.1 According to him postmodernist fiction is organized in terms of an ontological dominant in contrast with modernist fiction which he sees as organized in terms of an epistemological dominant. Proceeding on that definition he then characterizes Lolita as the last of Nabokov’s modernist novels since its narrator is a typically unreliable modernist narrator (in the great modernist tradition exemplified by James, Conrad, Faulkner) and since that unreliability raises the modernist epistemological question...”

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