Pekka Tammi

University of Tampere, Finland

Articles de l'auteur

Cycnos | Volume 10 n°1

The St. Petersburg Text and Its Nabokovian Texture

“... to the Letniy Sad took him for walks.1 Létniy Sad: Le Jardin d'Eté, a public park on the Neva embank­ment, with avenues of crow-haunted shade trees (imported elms and oaks) and noseless statues of Greek deities (made in Ita­ly); there, a hundred years later, I, too, was walked by a tutor.2 The following remarks will proceed via the broadly semiotic concept of TEXT to a discussion of the concrete motif texture in Nabokov’s wo...”

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Cycnos | Volume 12 n°2

Shadows of Differences: Pale Fire and Foucault’s Pendulum

“There is not much evidence of Umberto Eco’s having read Nabokov — aside, that is, from his 1959 spoof Granita.1 Purportedly written in prison by one “Umberto Umberto” and detailing the narrator’s passion for octogenarian ladies (“nornettes”, he calls them), the text features some moderately amusing parodies of Nabokov’s style: “Granita. Flower of my adolescence, torment of my nights,” and so forth.2 But such mimicry does not display a deep knowledge on the parodist’s part, and ...”

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