Christine Raguet-Bouvart

University of Bordeaux III

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Cycnos | Volume 10 n°1

Textual Regeneration and the Author’s Progress

“This title may sound cryptic, actually it refers to one major change in Nabokov’s life: his giving up of the Russian language for his writing when on the point of leaving Nazi Germany for a new asylum. “The author’s progress” concerns both Nabokov’s movement in space from the land of darkness to the land of light and his attempt at handling a new creative tool. “Textual regeneration” pertains to the rewriting of the English version of Camera Obscura 1 into Laughter in the Dark.2...”

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Cycnos | Volume 12 n°2

Riverruning acrostically through “The Vane Sisters” and “A.L.P.,” or “genealogy on its head”

“thanks […] to Adam […] for his beautiful crossmess parzel (FW, 619.3-5). When “The Vane Sisters” was first published1 in The Hudson Review 2 it did not differ in form from any other story, but some time later when it appeared in Encounter,3 it was offered to readers as a present and a puzzle, hence t...”

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