Dmitri Nabokov

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Cycnos | Volume 10 n°1

Things I Could Have Said

“I guess I should have been flattered when I learned about the concern in some quarters that my presence might intimidate the other participants in this splendid event. Actually it’s the other way around: I find myself before the best Nabokov scholars in the world, many of whom know many things I don’t, and I am the one who should be cowed by the thought of representing Nabokov, in a sense, in front of such illustrious Nabokovians. My intimidation is mitigated only by the happy fact that many of you were already my friends, personal or epistolary, and the rest have turned out to be wonderful people too. As for that bit of Nabocuffing and Hemingshamming laced with the Guadanini bikini, I wou...”

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Cycnos | Volume 12 n°2

White nights, forty degrees celsius

“A brand-new impression, no matter how vivid, cannot efface the palimpsest of a long-cherished image. The older remembrance, in my instance, is vicarious — a refraction made indelible by my father’s writings and my mother’s narratives. One thinks, one wonders: how will Russia really be, and there are unphotographable things one simply cannot visualize. Yet, when I reached Rozhdestveno and the Orodezh River on a sweltering summer day, I somehow recognized the verdant, aromatic surroundings, and I imagined for an instant that the hiss of bicycle tires approaching on the still-unpaved lane was that of my father’s Enfield. When asked how I ...”

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