Claudine Raynaud

Université François Rabelais - Tours

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Cycnos | Volume 9 | 3.

Censure éditoriale et autocensure dans l’autobiographie de Zora Neale Hurston

“It is like going out in the morning, or in the springtime to pick flowers. You pick and you wander till suddenly you find that the light is gone and the flowers are withered in your hand. Then, you say that you must run back home. But you have wandered into a place and the gates are closed. There is no more sharp sunlight. Gray meadows are all about you where blooms only the asphodel. You look back through the immutable gates to where the sun still shines on the flowered fields with nostalgic longing, but God pointed man’s toes in one direction. One is surprised by the passage of time and the distance travelled, but one may not go back. (MS, dossier 13, p. 66) ...”

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