Kathleen M. McGeever

Northern Arizona University, U.S.A..

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Cycnos | Volume 14 n°1

Exiles in No Man’s Land and The Caretaker:A Comparison of Two of Pinter’s Tramps

“No Man’s Land is, as Bernard Dukore wrote, “[…] an encapsulation of familiar Pinter themes and techniques, and an exemplar of Pinter’s distinctive tragicomedy” (63). There are inherent similarities between Pinter’s tramp plays, The Caretaker and No Man’s Land. The plays open with two people in a room who become locked in a battle for control. There are typical Pinter pauses, silences, and ellipses strewn throughout both texts. They are the “mysterious strangers from outside” (Goddard, 253) brought home by the almost silent occupants of the dwelling. The characters follow Pinter’s themes and mirror one another’...”

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