Barbara Miliaras

The University of Lowell

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Cycnos | Volume 7

Et in Azania Ego: Quester Knights, Arthurian Apocalypses and the Call of the South, in the Early Novels of Evelyn Waugh

“Evelyn Waugh depends upon comic exaggeration and farcical coincidence to create an illusive mood of social and political anarchy to define the moral decay that prevails in his fictive London during the final days of glory of the British Empire and the beginning of the Great Depression. These phenomena become the primary thematic focus of his early novels, particularly in Decline and Fall and Vile Bodies,  where he contrasts the frenzied chaos of the social life of the British ruling class with what he perceives to have been the rich Victorian heritage of empire, order and stability, an order he associates with the high moral purpose of the great landed aristocracy of an even earlier ...”

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